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I heard that the NK2 file is no longer being used and was replaced by Suggested Contacts. When I start typing names in Outlook, addresses come up so everything appears to be working well, except that I don't see any of my contacts from the NK2 file in the Suggested Contacts folder.Why didn't my contacts from the NK2 file correctly import into Suggested Contacts folder?

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Autocomplete List | Suggested Contacts | Populate the Auto-complete list | Tools The auto-complete list, aka the NK2 file, was a separate file in Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.

In Outlook 2010, its a hidden message in the data file.

When Suggested Contacts are disabled, the Create Contacts For One Offs data value is set to 0 in the registry: Outlook won't populate the auto-complete cache automatically but it’s a fairly simple task for users. This method works in all versions of Outlook that use autocomplete. In all versions, it's an MRU - most recently used - list, so frequently used addresses will always be on the list.

Open a new message and click the To button, select all of the names in the Suggested Contacts folder and add them to the message. Note that there is a limit to the number of names you can have on the autocomplete list. When Outlook 2010 doesn't save addresses to the autocomplete list, first try clearing the cache file, either with the button in File, Options, Mail or by starting Outlook with the /Clean Auto Complete Cache switch mentioned previously. If the problem persists, you'll need to delete or rename the Roam Cache folder found at C:\Users\[username]\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Roam Cache (Windows 7/Vista).

If you prefer not to use Suggested Contacts, you can disable it in File, Options, Contacts.

Note that while this will stop Outlook from creating new contacts in the Suggested Contacts folder, it will not delete the contacts currently in the Suggested Contacts folder.November 2017: there is a bug in Outlook 2016's autocomplete that results in Contact Groups not listed in autocomplete.For more information, see Contact Groups aren’t listed in autocomplete We get questions like this after users upgrade Outlook: I upgraded Outlook.It will not remove contacts stored in your data file in the Suggested Contacts folder (see next section.) To disable the autocomplete list by editing the registry, you need to set the Show Auto Sug data value to 0.Administrators can disable it for all users using GPO.Furthermore, there is no way to edit the file where these names are stored since it isn't written in plain text.

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