Outlook not updating folders automatically

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On the other hand Outlook users may be updating Public Folder information which must be constantly synchronized back to a SQL database.

We look at several typical scenarios where this requirement might exist.

MX-Sync can synchronize all 5 types of Outlook folders to and from a SQL Server database, namely Contact-type folders, Calendar, Task, E-Mail and Journals folders.

It supports Outlook custom fields, so key ID fields that exist in the SQL tables can be synchronized to custom fields in the corresponding Outlook folders so that the relationships between the tables in SQL can also be maintained in the Outlook folders.

MX-Sync is an Outlook synchronization utility which synchronizes data bi-directionally (i.e.

two-ways) between standard Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders and a Microsoft SQL Server database.

But synchronizing this data to and from a SQL Server database overcomes these disadvantages and maximizes the strengths of both platforms.

go to top of page This article was written by Brian Drury, founder of Exchange Wise ( and the architect of MX-Contact ( a CRM, Contact Management and Sales Automation System for Microsoft Outlook.

So you can use MX-Contact just for managing the contacts and/or companies you deal with, and the interactions (phone calls, e-mails, appointments, etc.) you have with them, plus use it to manage your sales opportunities, events and/or customer support incidents, by adding any of the available modules.

As we have seen there are both advantages and disadvantages to utilizing Outlook for maintaining your contact database.

Unfamiliar Data Structure Outlook/Exchange folders are an unfamiliar data structure for more databases, report writers, etc.

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