Over 60 sex dating dating obese old

If there was a genuine desire to meet, you would make the time. I think so many over 60's have pretty much given up.

One or both of you have old pictures up is my bet or just not who you say you are. If you are on a dating site you are supposed to be open to meeting."One or both of you have old pictures up is my bet or just not who you say you are."Yep all of 12 weeks old."Who is so busy they cant meet for a drink?? I'm beginning to think it's just not meant to be for me, but still looking, just not as enthusiastic.

I can share some of mine:...of the Ladies I have met have been HONEST and RESPECTABLE ....

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Would LOVE to hear some of the stories from both sex'es on this Subject....

Once a person reaches 60 they should have figured out both Chemistry and appearance. 1) Chemistry (chemicals) can only happen F2F.2) The only way to know (for sure) what someone looks like is to meet them F2F.

Even camming, someone (with just a basic knowledge of photography) could use "flattering" lighting, a "proper" background, and wear flattering clothing and sit or stand in a flattering postion. But of course if someone has never experienced Chemistry and are perhaps not all too concerned about what their mate lloks like...?

It just means they don’t intend to meet you because you aren’t compatible and don’t respect their preferences."Ditto! You people sure have a lot more time on your hands than I do (and I am retired). Don't you ever get bored of just meeting any and everybody?

OMG, sorry about wanting to make sure I have enough in common with a potential date by want to chat online. One or both of you are really leery of actually meeting up in fact. I like to send and receive a few messages first, just to try and see if this is a person I want to meet.people don't really read to the end to see your new comment and add their own ... If your looking for MR RIGHT, SOUL MATE, LAST LOVE,ah, your putting too much pressure on yourself and on HIM... No, they are women who check out the profile of a guy contacting them, and if they see nothing to pique their interest,they are not going to invest any more time on that particular connection.they read the first thread, think, "this is OLD" ... as an experiment, I reactivated an old "Over 65" thread ... As far as women insisting on some reasonable caution about giving out personal info to words on a computer screen or a voice on the phone, and/or refusing to come to a mans' home(or inviting him to her home) for a first meeting-that is just basic safety wisdom 101-not being "scared little rabbits".The only thing with dating sites is that,(theoretically, anyway)people with profiles on those sites are truly available and have some interest in dating-but it still is a matter of personal choice, not a "first come, first served" scenario, nor is it an obligation to date anyone who contacts.It's not about "being scared", "too serious", or "pressure" and "testing"...a lady who does not respond to a mans' email simply isn't interested in that particular man.Cindy OThe fact that some women prefer some on-line correspondence with someone compatible before meeting and phoning doesn’t mean they don’t ever intend to meet anyone. Then I sure as hell don't want to waste your time and mine meeting.

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