Parental dating teenagers

'I see a number of first year students in January, at the start of the second term, whose parents have announced their divorce over the Christmas vacation,' he says.

'Regardless of whether it's a complete shock or they've seen it coming, the majority are deeply affected.

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Parental dating teenagers

At the time, though, I was more driven by my drowning than Ella's survival.' When a parent starts relying on a child to take the place of their former partner, it makes matters even worse.

Mike Willis, a physiotherapist from Brighton, is a loving and devoted father who was devastated when his wife of 20 years walked out.

As soon as her 18-year-old daughter Ella was settled in college, she was going to leave her husband and move nearer to her family and her old friends, hundreds of miles away.

'Ella had been aware for some time that things weren't good between me and her father. Even now, she's very angry with me.'They were incredibly close.

Why do so many parents - including my former husband - assume that their adolescent offspring morph overnight into emotionally mature adults who can suddenly deal with the end of family life as they knew it?

Do they think the adventures that lay ahead at college will distract them from the family strife back at home?Fortunately, when I did drop out after a difficult year, I had a stable home to go back to.But I also remembered a girl in my halls whose parents had recently separated, telling me she felt as though she had been evicted from her own home.'My dad moved into a one-room flat and my mum went to stay with her mum, who lived too far from my school for me to be able to commute. 'How an 18-year-old responds is going to depend on the individual.If you have a strong sense of the person you're becoming as you enter adulthood and have found a solid core of friends, it will be easier than if you're troubled about your own identity, in which case you're more likely to go off the rails.'My friend Karen West, who works for a mental health charity in Manchester, had been planning her exit strategy for several years.General opinion seems to be that they did the decent thing in deliberately waiting until their daughter was an adult before calling time on their union.

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