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After his military service, did not forget to appear as a ghost. In 1999 he made entertainment debut with N016 mobile phone commercials. I can say goodbye for up to 4 years, “he said about marriage plan,” I’d like to marry a non-famous person later.

The advertising agency responsible for the campaign was looking for “new face” rather than a professional model, so his father’s mother sent a picture of his son and chose him. Yoo Seung-ho and Park Sing always make lovely couples. Yoo Seung-ho is Shin Hena Nuna who explained her true ideal of “Ideal type is not liar now! type: “The woman was wearing a bag in her dark colored clothes and she was wearing a bag in her side and she should put the book in her arms and love the animal,” he recalls laughter in his detailed explanation. Yoo Seung-ho’s fans think he and Park Shin He will be a good couple.

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He became famous as an actor of The Way Home (2002) and appeared in movies and television series such as Master of Study (10) in the play, Suspense Thriller Blind (2011), Romantic Comedy Operation Proposal (2012) Since then). Two older brothers said that later on his family was poor. 全然違う?괴물とこんがらがる。言葉って難しい…とりあえず誤報だそう。今は君主に集中! AU1SGn Uf — usamimi♡YSH (@rikimam_y) 2017年2月27日 Regarding the plan of date and marriage, he says, “I will tell you if I will start dating”, “I like people of my age.

Yoo Seung-ho (born August 17, 1993) is an actor in Korea.

The song's lyrics was based on a diary that Yoo had written while seeing orphans of war in the slums of Sri Lanka.

Known in the press as "Little So Ji-sub" for his resemblance to the said actor, in 2013 Yoo starred in the music video for So's single "Eraser" together with Park Shin-hye.

He then played a more mature role in Flames of Desire, as the second-generation son of a wealthy chaebol family who is uninterested in the battles of succession among his relatives and becomes a married man at 21.

Later that year, Yoo sang a duet with singer/actress IU titled "Believe in Love" for the charity program Love Request.

Thereafter, Yoo also starred in animal movie Heart Is...

(2006) about a boy and his beloved dog, and Unforgettable (2008) about school children from a remote island who go on a field trip to a candy factory in Seoul during the 1970s.

He continued acting in television, appearing in Magic Warriors Mir & Gaon (2005), an adventure series for children.

Yoo further built his filmography, playing younger counterparts of male protagonists in television dramas, including general Yi Sun-sin in Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin (2004), King Seongjong in The King and I (2007), and Gwanggaeto the Great in The Legend (2007).

He said that Park is his ideal type and the actress also complimented him before as cute.

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