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Jeremy Bilding has never bottomed, bb or otherwise. I doubt Blake Riley will make a cumback (Ha Ha)into films, He has no fan base and lost his lost his selling factor the whose bisexual thing.The only way could be if Chi Chi marketed him as an openly bi guy, he's appeal to the guy who only go for straight and bi guys.

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Only mentioning this because others have already disclosed his name. He also posted this one about removing his name from the site because it is "character infringement" and "invades privacy".

He did the same thing on a gay porn blog a few months back.

he is bi anyway so why not be just honest about it.

I can't get why is trying to pretend to be gay when he is bisexual.

Former Jet Set star of "Proven Straight" Nikolay Petrov real name is Edmon Vardanyan. He went to Haddon Heights High school in Barrington NJ. Someone mentioned Francois Sagat, and if I recall correctly, the late Richard Locke used his real name. Ken Ryker's real name is indeed Gary Pokorney."Bill Flagstaff" is just another fake name he used when he did some photo sets for Colt when he was at his hottest. He used to be a popular model for MIAMI STUDIOS named Ricky Hawke. Comment from R102's link.[quote]Of course he's Rob Foresta.

Here is a youtube video of his brother running for some kind of student government office. Certain professions require a name change: pron star, rapper, pope. Then he started making movies for Falcon and used the "Ken Ryner" name. He lived in my building in Center City Philadelphia for about 2 years before he left to become a "star". It's definitely Leo R102 writing some of those messages.It doesn't turn up on FB because the privacy settings are set up to where the page is not searchable.[quote]Btw as of the WHET Porn Stars?thread a few weeks ago, Blake was living in Vegas as a kept boy - by a woman.Leo has to have some serious issues for Randy Blue and Falcon not to want to work with him.He may have been a blah performer, but he's one of the bigger stars in gay porn at the moment, and would elicit more interest than most anyone else.Rusty is pretty plain looking, which I suspect is the reason he wasn't used much. He's used a number of performers who've done barebacking films.

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