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When Professor Ueno died of a cerebral haemorrhage in May 1925, in the middle of a lecture, his gardener, who inherited his house in the Kobayashi district, also adopted Hachikō, and for the next 10 years this golden-brown Akita would return to Shibuya station every day to meet the four o’clock train, hoping to see his beloved master again.

In 1935, Hachikō’s body was found in a Tokyo street.

Malchik claimed the station as his territory, protecting travellers from drunks, the homeless and other stray dogs.

Sin embargo las cosas no saldrán como estaban previstas.

Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor of agricultural science at Tokyo Imperial University, always took the four o’clock train home from work and every day his dog, Hachikō, would be waiting for him on the platform at Shibuya station.

Y es que la carrera del actor de 'Pretty Woman' es muy variada. 'Yanquis' (John Schlesinger, 1979) Antes de vestir el uniforme de marine de 'Oficial y caballero', Gere se puso el uniforme de soldado estadounidense y era enviado a Inglaterra.

Por cierto, ésta última se ha quedado fuera (igual que 'American Gigoló'). Allí una joven Lisa Eichhorn caía rendida a sus pies.

Hachikō isn’t the only dog whose statue oversees a railway station.

In 2007, a memorial was erected at the Mendeleyevskaya station on the Moscow Metro in honour of Malchik, a stray mutt who lived there for about three years, becoming popular with commuters and Metro workers.His remains were stuffed, mounted and put on display in Japan’s National Science Museum.A bronze statue of the famous dog stands outside Shibuya station to this day, and he also has his own memorial by the side of his master’s grave in Aoyama cemetery.El primer compañero que le toca investigar es al que da vida Gere, que supuestamente ha creado una red de tráfico de influencias entre varios policías.Mike Figgis les dirigía en esta historia de género policíaco.Heroic dogs like Malchik and Hachikō continue to appeal, growing even more famous and beloved as time goes by.

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