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I was there to hold her when her stomach ached — or when she bumped her head — or when she was tired — or when she just felt like having a good cry. I’ve prayed with her thousands of times and for her many more thousands of times. I held her stiff little body as her eyes rolled back in their sockets; I was there when her body grew supple and life-like again. I’m the one who has slaved and sacrificed so that she could have all those things. I know that parts of her that lie hidden when you’re dating will come out when you’ve been married for one year, or five, or fifteen. And I know what a dirty rotten scoundrel you are to start with. So keep your hands in the air and back slowly towards the door.

I was there when she had allergic reactions and we had to rush to the store for Benadryl. (You — let me see if I remember — no, you weren’t there.)We were there as she got sick time and again in her first winter and in her second, there when the sore threat kept her from sleeping, there when the congestion made it hard for her to breathe. But after thousands upon thousands of hours of holding her, tending to her, comforting her, thousands upon thousands of hours feeding her, sheltering her, shielding her, thousands upon thousands of hours teaching her, challenging her, elevating her, don’t tell me — DON’T TELL ME — that I don’t deserve to have a say in one of the most important decisions in her life.

Or orphans , who are immediately suspect I suppose because that makes it harder to guarantee their “lineage”. Rule Three: You must know how to cook as well as I have taught my son(s) to cook. I suffered through 42 hours of labor to have him, and will unleash an unimaginable amount of anger such that the movie 300 will look like an episode of the Little House on the Prairie should you cross me. Well we have learned that Moms can be just as sexist as Dads when it comes to young women.

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Permission form for dating my daughter

Along comes Tim Dalrymple, head honky, whiter than white, studying philosophy and religion — which is roughly the professional equivalent of self-disembowelment with a volume of Foucault. More importantly, I understand what it’s like to be the father of a daughter. Take your grimy paws off her shoulder, her knee, or even her hand. I was there at 7pm, when she cried from the milk burning her esophagus, there at midnight when she cried again, there at 3am when she cried again, each time holding her for an hour, singing to her, rocking her, shielding her sobbing body against my chest.

My plan was to attend seminary and then a doctoral program (read: be thoroughly poor for a long time, in order then to be poor for an even longer time), and although I had studied a little Chinese and made a couple ventures to China, clearly I could not possess a deep understanding of Chinese culture. So I have prepared in advance (my elder daughter is now 4) this public letter to any young man who should ever wish to propose to a daughter of mine, which I think must also represent what my father-in-law was thinking but too kind to say: First of all, get your hands off her. You do not deserve to touch this girl in even the most innocent way imaginable, so please stop pretending you do. I was there to give her bottles and there to soothe her after the bottles.


______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ “Don’t Touch My Son”, “Abstinence”…

I’m assuming that these questions are looking for one or two things. The one thing I hope this application does not ask me about is: ______________________________________________________________ E. __________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ F. When I meet a boy, the thing I always notice about him first is: ______________________________________________________________ G. ______________________ Ah, like our fathers list, the threat of vigilante violence lurks ever present over the proceedings. What follows is a list of rules much like our previous example. Rule One: If you talk with foul words and dress like a tramp in shirts that are too small and pants low with thong showing, I will treat you like one. Rule Four: Do not be hurt when my son chooses sports or gaming over time with you. If I ask you where you are going and with whom, you have one chance to tell me the truth. He was raised that family comes first and until there is a ring on his finger, I am his family, not you. He does not have Hasbro, Mattel or any other toy company tattooed on his person.

This is attitude more appropriate for a medieval village or sepia toned small town than a modern industrialized society. A woman’s place is in the: ______________________________________ D. But on issues relating to my son, I am the queen of his universe. Rule Nine: Do not be hurt when my son chooses spending time with me over spending time with you.And even when I was not with her alone, I was supporting her mother, who was giving all her strength for her little girl. My wife and I taught her how to eat, for goodness sake, and I was there to make sure she didn’t eat the wrong thing or choke. And I’m still providing, as I’ve paid a king’s ransom to send her to college. So I’m trying to get some vague sense of the magnitude of this matter through your thick Cro-Magnon skull. I know too that marriage is far harder (and far better) than you can now grasp.I was also there the first time she smiled, the first time she laughed. I was there to hold her when she fell and skinned her knee. Neither were you there to change the 1500 diapers she produced each year, nor to wipe her nose, nor to bathe her (don’t even think about her naked right now), nor to make sure she was warm when we went out in the winter.)I was there when my daughter had a seizure from a fever-spike. To recite the days of the week, the months of the year, the states of the union. I’ve paid for 99.9% of all the food she’s ever eaten. I’ve paid for her schooling, her soccer league, her karate classes, her gymnastics classes, her summer camps, her violin classes, her Chinese classes, her field trips, her dances (ugh), her car, her nights out with friends (when I worried the whole time). Not at all, really.) She may find it romantic when you offer to pay for one meal. She might think it’s nice when you sacrifice an outing with friends in order to spend a quiet day together. (And no, taking her out to Red Lobster on a date does not qualify as “providing” for her.)But this is it in a nutshell. You feel special because you’ve been together for a year. I know that family dynamics, cultural dynamics, run far deeper than you know. And right now I’m protecting her from you until I’m good and ready. When last we left the mud spattered confines of the Derby we were shown a list of 10 Rules for Dating My Daughter. ___Yes ___No #of years they have been married ______ If less than your age, explain why ______________________________________ If not explain why ___________________________________________________ Here we have all the information one might need if you were perhaps the I. They will be expected to conform to the model imposed by their authoritarian parents, no matter what might make them happy, (we’re rooting for son #2 to move to the coast and find a nice young man and with bungalow and a garden).So the conceit of this particular meme is that of the fake job application. And the most likely outlet for our fascist impulses will always be those close to us.At the time I was dating my wife, I was a white guy (still am, in fact) without a whole lot of earning potential. I was there when she drew her first breath, there when she made her first cry, there for her to hold my finger while they scrubbed her clean of the blood and the detritus of birth. I watched everything they did, watched over her every moment, and made sure she was safe and wanted for nothing.

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