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Having several “meets,” which is what we called greeting clients, with not one of them choosing me, made me wonder if something was wrong with me.

I figured if she could tolerate and embrace Christianity, surely I could give it a try.

I reached the threshold of this warehouse-like structure in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and I recoiled at all the smiling faces.

Heidi was 95 percent averse to me coming to church with her.

The reluctance she showed was evident in her posture.

When I saw the laid-back approach to nudity in the lounge, I knew I would like it there. I struggled with my own body and it was a relief to see others so confident and uninhibited.

If a woman with b-cups could walk around strutting her stuff, surely my triple-d’s could find some confidence.

Clients came for the fantasy and sometimes their fantasies just didn’t include women of color. I had claimed to be a switch in the interview, but I am a submissive through and through.

As a four-foot-ten black woman, my physical characteristics didn’t really scream dominatrix. I am submissive even in my regular day-to-day activities; when the dental hygienist pulled my four wisdom teeth without anesthesia, I smiled because he said “good girl.” BDSM was a home for these feelings of wanting to worship other things and other people. One day after a particularly taxing shift at the dungeon I found a photo of her with her hands raised on Facebook.

I had walked into a subculture I could call my own.

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