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As they talk about how Karina tried to shield her baby sister from the worst of her father's abuse, about how the fight for justice has brought them closer together, I flash back for an instant to a moment in my own past.

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This is the first time Tracey has spoken publicly about the abuse that took place over a dozen years in the 70s and 80s, mostly on the Air Force base at Whenuapai where her father worked in the transport division.

She testified at his trial under name suppression, but has now chosen to have that lifted.

They're so old and so huge they qualify for a pension and disability.

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"It was too much to take in that short space of time.

I had to put it down." Tracey lives in Perth now and says she won't be getting on a plane for the meeting without seeing the thing in full.

Tracey says she'll never be able to scrub her memory of the look on her sister's face in that moment.

She has what she calls "significant survivor's guilt", although she knows in her rational mind she was only eight. None of the girls abused by Robert Roper were to blame and, since 2015, he has been in jail for the evil he did to them, and to others.

She says one of the women's biggest challenges is getting access to parts of the report that would prove her father was protected by the Defence Force 30 years ago."That's the thing that surprised me," she says."We asked whether there were reporting processes in place at the time, and why weren't they followed?

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