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The most casual hand off of keys in the history of dating.

He gives me the keys to his apartment so that I don’t have to wait next time. I come out of the shower and see he has candlelit the entire place.

But if it’s something you really want to do, it’s not that hard to make it happen.

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I lie awake, making a mental list of things I have to do.

So I watch a little porn, masturbate, and fall asleep.

I can’t believe we have to perform it in front of people in two days. Back in my apartment, wondering if I am doing everything wrong.

The combination of hiking, always working, and rehearsing just knocked me out.

Felix texts me about a trip his friends are organizing for late winter. Does he think we’ll still be together three months from now? Felix texts me that he’ll let me know when he wraps up for the day.

I pop into a nearby café to get some assignments done. I’m about to head over to Felix’s house when I get a text from him: He says that since I’ll be waking up early tomorrow to go hiking, I can sleep on his couch. I shoot a short reply saying that I’ll just come tomorrow. We’ve split everything, even the tiniest thing, so far. I invite him to the variety show I am performing in. We just connect so well on an intellectual and sexual level. Mind you, it’s been just about a month since we started seeing each other. I get a text from Felix saying that since I’m planning to move out of my current place, I should stay at his place longer to see if I like the neighborhood and if we get on each other’s nerves. I came prepared to go to at least four different shops today, but I find everything I need here.

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