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Simply by owning the product, safe sex is promoted.

He also said that Sonic 2 actually was distributed on cartridge.

I'm assuming the same goes for the majority of their hacks.

If the sufficient amount of similar bubbles are touching, they will be cleared and all free neighboring bubbles will rise further, allowing for combos.

If the accumulated bubbles on screen reach the bottom of the playing area, the game is over.

Bubble Bath Babes is an adult-oriented puzzle video game developed by C&E.

Although the game was not licensed by Nintendo, it is designed for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It is one of three pornographic themed games released by Panesian, along with Hot Slots and Peek A Boo Poker.

The gameplay is reminiscent of that of Tetris and Puzzle Bobble in that the goal is to steer clusters of rising bubbles and place them so that they connect to other bubbles of similar color along the top of the screen.

It was licensed to American Video Entertainment, who released it in the same year under the title Mermaids of Atlantis, with all pornographic elements removed or obscured.

A localized version leaving all pornographic content intact was released by Hacker International in Japan as Soap Panic and by Panesian in the United States as Bubble Bath Babes.

In his own words..the hacked games were burned on eproms and sold in cartridges here in peru to resellers .

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