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That she was a member of Team Mystic wasn’t a deal-breaker for Teneo, he said; they could bond over hunting for fictional creatures regardless of team alliances.

But back in the real world, actual creatures that breathe, shed and lick got in the way.

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Meanwhile, in San Francisco a trio of developers stayed up around the clock to create a similar app last week, called Poke Match, with a somewhat self-serving goal.

As one of them posted on Reddit: “My friend needed a date and wanted to go Pokémon hunting, so we made this.” READ MORE: The phrase you rarely hear on a Tinder date What happens when a ‘gay bar’ becomes just a bar?

However, “if I am playing the same game with a girl, I will know how to talk with her because we already have something in common.” While hunting for Pokémon at a square near the University of Tampa, where he’s studying for an MBA, he was trying to find a Dratini or an evolved Eevee, he said.

“Everyone started shouting and running to a Pokestop,” he wrote, “so I was following the crowd and ran without looking at people around me.

“They’re both looking at same screen,” he said, “not screaming at each other with headphones.” Korenevsky says he hopes that after an icebreaker of catching Pokémon, daters will put their phones away “and get to know each other even better.” Which is essentially how Pokémon enthusiast Jeffrey Zhang became a Pokémon dating app developer.

Zhang, who describes himself as shy, said in an email that he often doesn’t know how to talk to women.Still, dating sites are banking on this summer’s Pokémon Go enthusiasm.For example, Project Fixup, a dating site that arranges dates for users for a fee per date — generally things like whiskey or coffee tastings — last week launched PokéDates.And then there’s the more direct play for a Pokémon paramour: Last week at least three dating sites and apps launched to help Pokémon Go fanatics find each other.Teneo, who’s bisexual, isn’t so interested in logging into a Pokémon dating app; that “would sort of take away the spontaneity,” he said.There are a few ways these connections can go: Players might meet in real life (like Teneo and his date); help each other catch that Charizard or Jigglypuff lingering nearby; and then eventually go out.

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