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Its polymers could clog and have problems with regulating humidity.

Some even utilize a kind of separator which can be, for example, a sheet from cigar boxes: it is installed between the sponge and the remaining part of the basin in order that your cigar covering do not get in touch with the sponge. It comes in variety of sizes, so you can choose whatever you want to store different amounts of stogies.

Here you can also align the inside walls with Spanish cedar together with non-poisonous binding material without perfume.

The latter depends on different situations you want to use the pillow.

A 10-15 seconds soak is good for a small amount of cigars (5-10).

But keep in mind that these devices are temporary, and if you want to enjoy your cigars, you will have to finally achieve a real humidor.

All these methods do not have real capacities of a humidor, so your stogies can be simply damaged by them.

These so-called temporary humidors are pervious to becoming too much dampened because of the plastic interior.

The latter cannot cope with the extra moisture, so be sure not to overfill the humidifier! It is also important to remember that all these devices do not allow a normal air-circulation as the humidors do.

Its function is to be utilized with a zip bag carrying 5-10 cigars.

The pillow is put into water where it soaks for a time.

But be aware: the refrigerator is the final instance to use when there are no other places for storing cigars.

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