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Years later, Ash began his Pokémon journey at the age of 10 as a warm-hearted and well-intentioned but stubborn, rash, and amateur Pokémon Trainer.

He was forced to accept a stubborn Pikachu from Professor Oak as his starter Pokémon because he woke up late on the day he was set to get his first Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum (Japanese: サトシ Satoshi) is the main character of the Pokémon anime.

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Ash then met Brock, the Pewter Gym Leader, whom he fought and lost to.

In his rematch, Ash nearly defeated Brock, but refused to give the final blow due to the intervention of Brock's younger siblings.

His journey was made even more complicated due to the presence of Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket, who, after witnessing Pikachu's power, made it their primary objective to steal Pikachu for their boss, Giovanni.

Ash did not go on this journey alone; as soon after he left Pallet Town, he met Misty, who followed him on the pretense that he owed her a bike (which Ash 'borrowed' to save Pikachu, and which the Electric Mouse destroyed whilst protecting Ash).

After Ash earned his Cascade Badge, he continued his journey with Misty, who dreamt to be the world's greatest Water Pokémon Master.

Many of Ash's first Gym Badges were given to him merely out of gratitude for his assistance, rather than claiming an actual victory in battle over the Gym Leaders.By the time Ash had caught his seventh Pokémon, Gary had caught more than forty.Ash's troubles were not made any easier when his Charizard grew too powerful and refused to listen to him until Ash could prove himself to him. After earning his first eight Badges, Ash went on to compete in the Indigo Plateau Conference, advancing to the fifth round - one further than Gary - and ending up in the Top 16.He was determined to achieve his goal and when Pikachu saw that he was willing to compromise his own safety to keep it safe, the two of them formed an extremely strong bond that has been noticed and remarked upon by many characters in the anime.This unbreakable friendship would set his course for the future.After Brock decided to stay with Professor Ivy and help her with her work, Ash and Misty were joined by an enthusiastic Pokémon watcher named Tracey Sketchit.

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