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“She’s living up to our family’s legacy better than I ever could. In a period of a week, all but one of his dreams came true..became an unending nightmare, as he witnessed the descent of a monstrous space warlord named Galvanax and saw his father become a real Power disappear in a blaze of light, leaving Brody a helpless victim of Galvanax's wrath.

This is the story of how the organization came to be and how rangers, past and present, were a part of it's beginning.

It accentuates the lack of him in their lives and makes the harsh voice in the back of his head (which sounds suspiciously like Ji) yell 'you left him you left him you left him you left him.'" Five Samurai rangers leave Shiba house. (This is how they make it back.) “Don’t talk about Lauren like that! It’s the first time he’s mentioned Lauren by name in weeks, but he will not let the only family he has left be disrespected like this. As a little boy, Brody dreamed of three things: Meeting a real life alien, seeing a real life Power Ranger and becoming a Master Ninja, like his father Dane Romero.

A closer look at the friendship between Trini and Mike of the GSA.

Ever since Dare Night, Mike always had Trini's back..she didn't realize the senior boy had been looking out for her for quite some time.

As two teams become one they must learn to work together and to fight in new ways in order to stop these new monstrous threats. Can they put an end to this new Org-Nighlok (Orglok) race? 25 years after Master Xandred's defeat a new Nighlok threat has risen.

Will the other Rangers find out about each others dangerous pasts? After managing to undo Lauren's sealing symbol the Nighlok are free to once again invade the Earth to raise the Sanzu Rivers.Nothing can stand in her way, except the new team of Power Rangers called fourth by Hogwart's Room of Requirement.When Harry Potter and Ron Weasley learn their own children are among the new Power Rangers, they dust off their morphers to join the fray.This fic has references to the historic rape of a then underaged character.The same character, now of age, is threated with rape again in a late chapter.Just as Antonio begins his trip around the world in pursuit of exotic breeds of fish and perhaps even ones never before seen, he's joined by a familiar face. His stomach rolls with acid and his head cries out to break.

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