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Minimal Technical Specifications for Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) 2017 DESPP Public Acts Book Guidelines for DESPP First Responders Treating Ebola Patients Crime in Connecticut Reports Boxing Commission Meetings and Information Please remember, you should always call 911 during an emergency but as a backup you should designate an emergency contact in your phone and have your local PD or Troop telephone number programmed into your phone.I’m a part-time retail employee at a clothing store, as well as a full time graduate student.

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The woman WAS so obese she was pinning me against the wall and her body odour WAS absolutely disgusting.

The people in front of me were actually holding their noses and I honestly was holding down trying not to dry retch.

I think it’s incredibly entitled to read over someone’s shoulder, something incredibly rude to do, and act like you have the right to be offended about what you read. I wasn’t wearing anything that identified me as a member of my company at the time.

Maybe it would be different if I was wearing something that identified me as an employee of the company, but I wasn’t, so quite frankly, I think I should be allowed to do and say what I want in my own time when I’m not identifying myself as a member of the company. Yes, I was nice to the email sender when working, but that is my job.

My company replied to her by sending an email I could see on the print-outs saying it would be dealt with harshly because it was unacceptable from me.

I feel like they have enabled her behaviour by taking this seriously.Your comment about your store manager at the end of your letter is rude and out of line.That doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t deserve to be fired for what happened, but you’re going to lose a lot of sympathy in life for talking about other people that way, and rightly so.Snap a photo of something enticing at home — maybe his favorite meal, some wine, some beer, whatever.Put some lingerie on the side of the photo so he knows it's more than just dinner that's waiting for him.The woman behind you was out of line in reading over your shoulder, photographing your phone, and sending it to your employer.

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