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Get a smart phone, since you can do calls, text messages and web browsing all in one without having to pay for a separate data plan. Always in Private Mode (Chrome is best, I hear Firefox has it now). 4) I always shower AFTER contact in the establishment. Obviously, to charge your visit tells your S/O where you've been. My suggestions which are probably listed here: use cash, have a separate phone, preferably with a different carrier than your family, and don't let the bills go to your house or main email. Change of clothes or ability to take a shower is almost a must, unless you find a place where there is no scented or oil or perfume from the provider.The 'minutes' can be used for anything just mentioned and they last for 3 or 4 months. I have been considering even bringing my own bar of soap, because the soaps provided are usually too smelly.Even if you shower at the parlor or gym, what happens if you come home and suddenly she wants to mess around, but junior isn't up to the task because he's still raw from a strokefest? Make sure your phone can't be found via i Phone finder, etc.

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to the house, Now I understand the use of a Hobby phone.

the other day I intended on going to one that had moved so I called because there seemed to be a lot of cars in the lot and was told to come in an hour so I called one of my favorites to check their "workload", and got the green light if I didn't mind a new girl.

@topandbottom - if you are retired is 1/4 mile away. All the comments about unscented products and taking a shower afterwards apply.

I like the idea of always taking a shower when you get home. I learned a few things that I will put to use immediately.

Then before I got back to the car I got a call to see how the new girl was. While this is not totally related, but posting it here as I can't post on Forums as a regular user. well thats a deeper subject than I can go into here, but longcash is better, also do not go anywhere close to your house.

I wanted to see if there is an option of a more expanded membership for members who submit reviews. There are like 2 of them within a block radius of my house. These days with smartphones GPS people can track your phones.

I submitted two reviews and found another gem not yet reviewed, but found that submitting reviews doesn't give me more access. Also separate accounts will be better so the Mrs cannot track the activity. Withdraw consistent large sums and use cash for everything but the most enormous purchases. Draw out the same amount of money each time, and from the same place if possible.

Yes I am a RB refugee and while submitting reviews there didn't give premium access, it did give more access. Another peeve I have is that I can't post in forums. I was there two weeks ago and had an amazing with other guys? Let me explain, I work with men (usually 35 divorced men) who have issues meeting and dating women. is investigating a potential crime scene, and you are present and considered a possible witness or suspect and the police ask for you to identify yourself, you must do so. On hobby phones, recycle them every six months or so (some of the ladies are indiscreet and will call you if you haven't visited them in a while).

Had a great session, came home and girlfriend asked why I have glitter all over my face! 8) Hobby Phone 9) Do not be a douche to the ladies, respect will be rewarded 10 fold 10) Did I say Hobby Phone All my browsers are in privacy mode. Keep some unscented baby wipes in your car, preferably hidden somewhere. Then, before going back home...spray enough to mask the scent, enough for you to get past the door, your wife, kids (optional), or whoever you are trying to avoid, and into the shower. The only thing I actually WISH I'd known beforehand..that some of the oils the girls use smell more strongly than Satan's gaseous releases, and cling to your skin like flies to fecal matter.

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