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This can be accomplished by tapping into the super-conscious and defining the deep rooted reason for the problems.Through QHHT, the super-conscious can relay, through a careful set of questions and investigating, the cause for why there is pain or illness present in the body.Once the reason is identified, the super-conscious is asked if healing can occur, and if so, will happen immediately.

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Inbyggd Wi-Fi och tunna kablar förenklar installationen och Quantums energieffektivitet och låga vikt innebär säkra strålningsnivåer och påtagligt lägre strömförbrukning.

One of the most phenomenal and life changing aspects of QHHT is the ability to find guidance for physical ailments.

Through a series of methodical questions, Kaya will ask your subconscious a list of questions that you have prepared, which will unveil mysteries and information of who you were in your past lives.

Once the past life regression session and healing sessions are complete, you will be calmly and gently “counted up” from your hypnosis and back to being fully aware.

Being able to visualize and understand the challenges and negative experiences of our past can help us understand the negative qualities of ourselves that we struggle with.

By exposing some of this pain and negativity, we can understand it, process it, and let it go, which releases its mental hold on us during our present lives.

One thing is certain, you leave the session knowing a lot more about yourself then you did when you walked in.

By identifying the root causes for any reoccurring issues, you can be proactive about noticing the patterns and changing them.

One of the obstacles for many who are interested in QHTT is the ability to let go of certain thinking patterns, belief systems and prior thinking in order to open your mind and make room for QHTT to be successful.

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