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On Kumatology (the study of the Waves and Wave-structures of the Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Litho- sphere), G. Tables of excessive precipitations of rain at Chi- cago, 111., from 1889 to 1897 inclusive.

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Pluviometry, springs, climatic influence of forests 1 Regimen of the waters : basins, streams, lakes.

Torrents 26 Rises, floods, overflows : self-registering and ordinary water gauges . 63 River hydraulics, gauging, sounding, mobility of the bed. Hoisting and handling apparatus; sheds, Locks, inclined planes, lifts .... General ideas of the con- struction of vessels Kerry-boats and ship railways.

Climatology of the Isthmus of Panama, including the tem- perature, winds, barometric pressures, and precipitation.

Etude des pertes de 1'Avre et de ses affluents et des sources en aval des pertes.

21 Water legislation, regulation of navigation ........... apliical distribution and mode of utilizing hydraulic forces . 644 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS AND OF THE PUBLICATIONS to which they refer A.

628 APPENDIX Hibliotiraphir summary / the care of water from the (Kjricultiiral and imtuxtrial points of ' rieir. Annali della Societa degli ingegneri e degli archilctti italiani. l er Congres national des Travaux publics frangais. Niederschlage und Schneemengen in den Flussbecken des europaischen Russlands. Untersuchungen uber den Einfluss des Waldes auf den Stand der Gewasser, von Biihler, Ebermayer, Hoppe und Miittrich. Association francaise pour 1'avancement des sciences.

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