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I have what I think should be a straightforward question. I have a Rad Grid with Form Template editing and AJAX enabled. I can bind the Rad Combo Box to the data source to populate all the items, but I'm not able to set the Selected Value attribute. Clear() 'below i'm getting the actual value and the text to display Using reader As IData Reader = Get Client By Client ID(CInt(value)) If reader. javascript,c#,enums,telerik-grid From the documentation they don't have a specific one for Is Contained In where you are trying to use it.

As the Next Hop article points out, deleting this SIP profile folder will trigger a complete address book download at a random interval in the next hour from when the client is restarted.

Then log in to the Lync Client, add a custom “What Happening” message and then delete it.

When a Lync 2013 user searches for a contact in the Search Contact box, the contact will show an incorrect Presence state.

The Presence will appear as Presence Unknown or will appear to be Offline as shown here: Yet when Lync user manually locates the same Contact in their Contact List (e.g.

I am trying to change the value of Sub Total present in Master Table View on deleting Detail View Row. asp.net,vb.net,telerik,radgrid Telerik tech support got back to me with an answer. Rad Grid1 will always be null if you call inside Page_Pre Init, because it hasn't been created yet.

I am able to get the control in Parent Table and am able to change the value. The code I listed above in the On Item Data Bound event was almost right.

When writing a new email in Outlook and you also use Microsoft Communicator, Outlook can display the current status in real time of the people you are writing to.

Hello Readers, This has got to be one of the weirdest Lync issues Ive seen in my short time supporting Lync.

Note the Selected Value property of the dropdown lists. To String Dim auto As Rad Auto Complete Box = Direct Cast(e. Find Control("racb PN"), Rad Auto Complete Box) auto. Add(New Auto Complete Box Entry(part Number)) End... Pre Init - Raised after the start stage is complete...

If Selected Items collection has no elements the event is not fired. c#,asp.net,insert,telerik,radgrid Use the Bind expression (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/ms178366(v=vs.100).aspx), as shown here:

One of the fields in the Form Template is a Rad Combo Box filled with U. This Rad Combo Box is loaded when the Edit button is clicked for a row on the Rad Grid. Read Then 'adding the item will show in the dropdown Dim item As New Rad Combo Box Item(reader("Display Name").

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