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Is there an average temperature of your bathtub full of water? Now, we might argue over how to do the averaging (Spatial? ), but you can compute an average, and you can monitor it over time, and see if it changes.

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Im sure there are more, and maybe I missed a couple important ones. My obvious goal here is not to change minds that are already made up, which is impossible (by definition), but to reach 1,000 (mostly nasty) comments in response to this post. But the NET flow of thermal radiation is still from the warmer body to the cooler body.

Even if you dont believe there is 2-way flow, and only 1-way flowthe rate of flow depends upon the temperature of both bodies, and changing the cooler bodys temperature will change the cooling rate (and thus the temperature) of the warmer body.

Just because we dont know the average surface temperature of the Earth to better than, say 1 deg. In the broadband IR, though, its close to a blackbody, with an average emissivity of around 0.95.

C, doesnt mean we cant monitor changes in the average over time. But whether a climate model uses 0.95 or 1.0 for surface emissivity isnt going to change the conclusions we make about the sensitivity of the climate system to increasing carbon dioxide.

So, yes, a cooler body can make a warm body even warmer stillas evidenced by putting your clothes on. CO2 CANT CAUSE WARMING BECAUSE CO2 EMITS IR AS FAST AS IT ABSORBS. When a CO2 molecule absorbs an IR photon, the mean free path within the atmosphere is so short that the molecule gives up its energy to surrounding molecules before it can (on average) emit an IR photon in its temporarily excited state. Also important is the fact that the rate at which a CO2 molecule absorbs IR is mostly independent of temperature, but the rate at which it emits IR increases strongly with temperature. This one is a little more subtle because the net effect of greenhouse gases is to cool the upper atmosphere, and warm the lower atmosphere, compared to if no greenhouse gases were present.

There is no requirement that a layer of air emits as much IR as it absorbs…in fact, in general, the the rates of IR emission and absorption are pretty far from equal. Since any IR absorber is also an IR emitter, a CO2 molecule can both cool and warm, because it both absorbs and emits IR photons. ADDING CO2 TO THE ATMOSPHERE HAS NO EFFECT BECAUSE THE CO2 ABSORPTION BANDS ARE ALREADY 100% OPAQUE.

NOTE: Because of the large number of negative comments this post will generate, please excuse me if I don’t respond to every one. But if I see a new point being made I haven’t addressed before, I’ll be more likely to respond.

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Thus Eden's geography and Flood geology, both based on literalism, stand in contradiction.

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