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From courting to making a long-term commitment, neither buying a home nor falling is love comes without effort, but we decided to dive a little deeper to see how else buying a home and falling in love compare. You decide to do something about it , and so you sign up for one of a slew of websites that aim to help yearning hearts like yours find a match. It’s in the numbers: What does it take to find “the one”? The internet rules the world, and whether you are looking for love or looking for a house, the internet can play a huge role in the process. The reality is, of course, just like any relationship the one you have with your house takes time to grow and develop, but if you really work at understanding what you want and what you need and take the time to look at several options, you will find a pretty good fit. Turns out, finding is home IS pretty similar to finding love.

You flip through profiles late at night, and certain phrases or well-lit photos make your heart skip a beat.

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And when you think you may have found “The One,” you figure it’s time to make an assessment in person.

If your real estate agent asks you out — and not just to see a gem of a house that’s been on the market for a while — give him/her a chance and say yes.

Real estate agents are comfortable with taking calculated risks, depending on commission to pay their bills.

Real estate agents trust their own abilities to sell properties and close deals for clients. She’s a matchmaker: Real estate agents help clients’ dreams of home ownership come true by pairing what they can afford with what they need.

But, instead of asking them to meet you for drinks, you are trying to get them to see a house.

For example, you can actually use your dating text as a template for your buyer follow-up email: Hey, (insert name), it was really nice to meet you at (insert either bar or open house), I would love to (get drinks or show you some homes) this weekend if you are free. A slight difference between texting a girl and emailing a client will be your use of punctuation.

You also do not want to seem overeager with your clients, but they will expect a quick response, so you can be more liberal with your follow-up.

The key is to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

The key is to separate yourself from everyone else.

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