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They actually held up a picture of my butt in court as Exhibit A.

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Neil added a vibe to the song, but it was the producer, Keith Olsen, who convinced me to shorten a long guitar solo I’d played on the demo which was right out of the seventies. It’s also covetous, which a lot of my music is.” ’ Springfield relived his thwarted obsession. Although his friend who unwittingly inspired the song was called Gary, the singer decided to change the name of his love rival to Jessie – a name he’d spotted on the back of a softball shirt.

“I almost called the song Randy’s Girl,” he says with a laugh.

So was based on something that happened to me later on.” The singer had come across the girl in question when she began dating an acquaintance of his named Gary, with whom he had taken a stained glass-making class in Pasadena, California.

Springfield never spoke directly to the subject of his ardour – in fact he didn’t even know the name of the girl he found himself “panting over from afar”.

He was right.” But in recent years, Springfield’s credibility has been increased by prominent roles in trendier TV shows such as HBO’s “True Detective” and, soon, the CW’s “Supernatural.” His music career also got a boost from his appearance in Dave Grohl’s 2013 documentary “Sound City,” which exposed his work to a new generation.

The Post spoke to the 66-year-old Aussie rocker ahead of his show at the Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk next Thursday.It also gave Springfield’s musical career a huge boost.Despite having made records since the early 70s, at the time he was better known as an actor because of a spell in the daytime TV soap In the 35 years since its original release, the song has had an afterlife that’s almost as unlikely as its conception.I did shows like “Incredible Hulk” and “Six Million Dollar Man” and it was pretty cheesy writing.They were recycled stories, but these days it’s much different.“At school I was always girl-obsessed but unbelievably shy.

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