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They were in a game that was very close through three quarters, and then they had a couple of turnovers and some bad things happened.We're playing a team that is extremely talented, very explosive and very well coached.The Cooper Young Festival is a true celebration of the arts, people, culture and Memphis heritage.

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This is supplemented by a certain number of votive Masses, among the rest Masses for the dead, and a collection of sets of collects, secrets and post-communions for special occasions.

Here also are inserted certain benedictions and other miscellaneous matter, while appendixes of varying bulk supply a number of Masses conceded for use in certain localities or in certain religious orders, and arranged according to the order of the calendar.

Each Mass consists usually of Introit, Collect, Epistle, Gradual and Alleluia or Tract, Gospel, Offertory, Secret, Communion, and Post-Communion, the passages or prayers corresponding to each of these titles being commonly printed in full.

The beginning of the volume to the "Ordo Missae" is devoted to the Masses of the season ( Proprium de Tempore ) from Advent to the end of Lent, including the Christmas cycle.

After the "Ordo Missae" and Canon follow immediately the Masses of the season from Easter to the last Sunday after Pentecost.

Then come the proper Masses of the separate festivals ( Proprium Sanctorum ) for the ecclesiastical year; while these are often printed in full, it may also happen that only a reference is given, indicating that the larger portion of each Mass (sometimes everything except the collect) is to be sought in the Common of Saints ( Commune Sanctorum ), printed at the conclusion of the Proprium Sanctorum (Proper of Saints).To the whole book is prefixed an elaborate calendar and a systematized collection of rubrics for the guidance of priests in high and low Mass, as also prayers for the private use of the celebrant in making his preparation and thanksgiving.It may be mentioned here once for all that the collection of rubrics now printed under the respective headings "Rubricae generales Missalis", "Ritus celebrandi Missam", and "De Defectibus circa Missam occurrentibus" are founded upon a tractate entitled "Ordo Missae" by John Burchard, master of ceremonies to Innocent VIII and Alexander VI, at the close of the fifteenth century.The smaller of these divisions containing that portion of the liturgy which is said in every Mass, the "Ordo Missae" with the prefaces and the Canon, is placed, probably with a view to the more convenient opening of the book, near the centre of the volume immediately before the proper Mass for Easter Sunday.The remainder of the book is devoted to those portions of the liturgy which vary from day to day according to feast and season.Come join us for the party and get to know why Cooper Young is Midtown!

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