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There will be several twists and turns along the way, usually in the form of more murders and principal suspects turning out to be innocent, but the detective will solve the mystery eventually and bring the guilty to justice.

The key point to remember is that mystery novels are precisely that: a mystery (or a puzzle), and fans of this genre of fiction delight in trying to solve the puzzle before the investigator does.

Two of those groups are literary and mainstream writers. In turn, they can be broken down into countless groups and sub-groups, some of which I’ve covered below.

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Also the fact that they personify sexy doesn't hurt either... I really liked this story, authentic period writing, and very powerful emotional scenes' Best book by La Vyrle Spencer by far is Bitter sweet and Family blessings. I wish Judith Mc Naught could write more books like this one but her old books are better than her new books. My sugestion is, immediately after you finish the last page of Fifty Shades of Gray you must start Fifty Shades Darker.

The problem with her new books is that hero and heroine of the books hardly spend time together so they do not connect enough. You must just keep going as if the second book is just part of the first.

I’ve covered most of the biggies, but apologies if I’ve missed out your favorite niche. Mystery novels revolve around the investigation of a crime, usually murder, by some form of amateur or professional detective.

Also note that genres change all the time (as readers’ tastes change), so the only way to keep up to date with what is hot (and what is not) is to spend an unhealthy amount of time hanging out in bookstores, real or online. The body tends to be discovered very close to the beginning of the novel, and the bulk of the action then concerns the detective’s attempts to discover the identity of the murderer.

U r really a talented woman when I was reading it I fell as if was watching was feeling every dialogue in this books The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks It's an amazing novel and truly unbelievable. Nearly all of the characters sow their own demise in such idiotic ways.

Heathcliff and Catherine's romance is perhaps the most dysfunctional relationship in all of English literature, and all the other romances end just as badly.

I think all the other books listed Here, have a base in this book.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen I've read this book at least 6 times.

Also surprises, with most romance you can see where it is headed, Diana Gabaldon has an amazing ability to create new and exciting plots that will keep you thinking Love this novel... and now you can read then watch it come to life on screen. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks I was expecting this to be a lot lower for some reason, I guess because I don't hear too many people talk about it - but I'm pleased it is actually in the top 10, where it deserves to be. The ultimate motive was the kind of complicated guy Christian was but how he fell in love even with all in insecurities and his controlling nature.

I bought the first one and them continue on reading the entire series... It truly is the most beautiful, heart-wrenching romance story I've ever read. "I believe miracles can happen." This book itself is one! Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte It's my favorite novel of all time, and it should be number one on this list. Loss, rejection, a work of genius by a genius The greatest love story ever in my opinion! So far, the best I've rad and amazing reading it because it kept me connected all the while.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon One of my all time favorites. It is a modern take on the beauty and the beast story where the hero due to his troubled past thinks that no one is capable of loving him. The characters, dialogue and story make you want to follow them anywhere!

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