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In Auto mode just keep clicking the Faster button on top to continue the steamy action.

Ayame’s Pleasure Instructions: In this naruto hentai game, you get to whack the butt and legs of the sexy ramen girl.

When Sakura tries to confess, Sasuke asks who she is and she flees in frustration.

A young Sasuke asks Itachi to spend time with him but Itachi declines and leaves for a mission.

Their parents tell Sasuke they will be leaving the next day but Sasuke decides to stay home with Itachi, who spends their time alone training with Sasuke.

Click the corresponding arrow key to gain more pleasure.

Instructions Click between the three buttons to the left to dress up each character!

people were talking, ino and sakura were fighting over sasuke.

) ~~ nobodys pov *sakura, naruto and sasuke meet up at the training grounds where kakashi told them to meet*."WHERES KAKASHI-SENSEI!!!!! sasuke just "hn", just like any uchiha would do.,'wheres youkono?

The game starts out with them wearing their own clothes but you can dress them up in a different style, using clothes you could pick up at the nearest mall!

Sakura Haruno is one of the most popular girls in Konoha High, but her life sucks.

Three character dress up game with Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke from the Naruto anime and manga.

Sakura is dragging Naruto and Sasuke along, maybe forcing them to be friends?

After dinner, they sleep outside and Itachi tries to teach the meaning of their clan symbol to Sasuke, who simply says he will surpass him. A young Sakura spends her time in a makeshift hideout to avoid bullying and how to hide her forehead.

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