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Oh no, I'm sorry Lena, Superman is seeing someone." "I wasn't talking about Superman." Lena said, and then when Kara stared at her blankly she finally made her intentions clear, "I was talking about Supergirl." "What? But no, there would be no easy out for her tonight and ultimately Kara had to stand by her choice of her own accord.

" Kara went pale, before going very red, "So you're, erm-" "Gay? I mean..." Kara scoffed in the middle of her stammering, "My, my sister is gay. " "I don't know..." Lena said softly, then after a brief pause added, "I'm surprised you didn't know. it's not like you said anything before." Kara pointed out, "And just about everything I'd read about you online is wrong, so why would I believe gay rumours?

No one should be alone after something like that." Lena just stared at Kara for a few long seconds and then asked, "What did I do to deserve you? I..." Kara blushed slightly, unsure why, "What are friends for? There was then a few minutes where Lena left Kara to her thoughts, and she once again thought how for all it's size this place was very cold and unloved, not unlike Lena herself. Yet another pause, and then Clark pulled back and asked, "And seriously, who the hell is Maggie?

" "I suppose." Lena said flatly, slowly leading them further into the apartment before asking, "Can I get you anything? Even Cat Grant's larger home had been more welcoming and lived in than this on the few occasions that Kara had seen it. It was somewhere a workaholic slept during the few hours they weren't in the office. " "I, erm..." Kara stammered, before backing away as this wasn't her secret to tell, "Seriously, talk to Alex." Clark frowned as he watched his cousin fly away, then reached into his suit, pulled out his phone and called the other Danvers sister, "Hey Alex! " * Even after talking to her cousin Kara still debated what she should do, spending the better part of another day being distracted before ultimately texting Lena that Supergirl would come and talk with her tonight in her office.

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