Science 11c3 rules for relative dating

This panel report includes a number of additional examples and technical details of a few outstanding ones.

Space did not permit including all of the items collected by the panel or complete crediting of the information to the colleagues who provided it, though contributors other than panel members are listed at the end of the chapter.

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A standardized test, administered as part of the planning for Project STAR (Section II.

A.2), shows that those who complete an introductory class know about as much astronomy as the average secondary school teacher.

Zeilik, University of New Mexico, personal communication 1990).

While taking these classes, students both increase their knowledge of the specific subject and change their attitudes toward science in general.

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This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.The majority also said that they were more likely to read about science and to vote for pro-science candidates for political office.All but a few percent of the rest reported their views as unchanged (some explicitly volunteering the information that they had been fairly pro-science to begin with).The need for a scientifically sophisticated electorate and how far we are from achieving this have received enough publicity in recent years to require no further explication here.But, of the little science that most people are exposed to-and that they choose to expose themselves to-astronomy forms a surprisingly large part.The college and universities with astronomy (or physics and astronomy) departments had 1.2 million undergraduates in 1988; 103,300 of them were taking introductory astronomy (Ellis 1988).

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