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But they are increasingly being used by employers, landlords and, yes, even dates."Good credit is sexy," Green said, echoing his website's tagline."It shows you can offer security, be trustworthy and you have your priorities in order. consumers for 15 years and found that people with higher credit scores are both more likely to commit to their relationships and stay committed long term."Some 75 or 80 percent of problems in relationships are about finance," Green said.But Green said he did not tell his family or friends what he was up to until 2013 when Credit Score Dating caught the attention of "The Today Show.""I felt like it was the dumbest thing in the world," he said.

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Once you’re through with the questionnaire, it is then sent to the other person as a request.

After they’re done with it as well, SCORE matches both your responses to come up with a Score.

"And there is a degree of financial honesty that can translate to emotional honesty, which I would say is the most important factor in a successful relationship."A Christiana High School grad with a degree in marketing from Wilmington University, Green first came up with the idea for the dating service while working as a credit underwriter, first for JPMorgan Chase and later for Discover Bank."I was basically matchmaking between the bank and the borrower anyway," he said.

"I realized there is so much we can learn about a person based on those scores and the idea just hit me."The site first began to take off at the start of the Great Recession.

Those are the same fundamentals of solid relationships."A 2015 report by the Federal Reserve Board would appear to back up Green's claim. "If you can eliminate that by addressing credit from the start, you've got the whole rest of the relationship to explore."Richard Brousell, who operates Delaware Marriage & Family Counseling in Brandywine Hundred, said couples are far more likely to break up over infidelity and communication issues rather than financial tension.

But he still thinks Credit Score Dating might be on to something."Equivalent credit scores do imply a degree of financial savvy and responsibility in other areas of life," he said.Plus, the pictures you uploaded are blurred out as well, at least initially.Your basic info, interests, and likes are public, of course.You can browse through the profiles till you find an interesting one to start scoring with.Once you click the Lets Score tab, you’re faced with about 20 unique categories of interests, including dreams and desires, feelings, life philosophy, travel preferences, must-have possessions, and even single answer type questions.If you both are found to be a good match, the app opens up a whole new set of features.

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