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Be sure to remember this SRN and the Password you put.This generated Seafarer's Registration Number (SRN) shall now be adopted in processing of employment contract with manning agencies.From that initial system of extracting personal information from crew agreements and lists, the seamen’s registration system evolved well into the twentieth century, eventually making it a requirement that each merchant seafarer be issued with a unique number which would be retained during his/her time of service.

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The Online Seafarer Registration is absolutely Free of charge.

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It is advised to consult BT 119 first to find the Seaman’s Register number, and then use that number to locate the appropriate seaman in BT 112, which is listed in numerical order.

The Merchant Shipping Act, 1844, required that every British seaman should have a register ticket if they were leaving the United Kingdom.

If you already have an SRC (Seafarers Registration Certificate) from POEA and want to SRC update/upgrade it, You also need to register online for the first time. Once you click Create Account the system will automatically search and retrieve your existing SRC data, then you can already edit/update/upgrade your record.

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