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Use Devafuser to get lift and completely dry the roots. Allow the conditioner to remain on the hair encouraging clumping until the end of the shower.

If you desire to diffuse then do it but be willing to take your time and find your best way.

Anyone with all types of hair should experiment with diffusing their hair.

Squeeze excess water out of hair with fingers fanned out like an accordion.

Apply a good leave-in cocktail and plop hair with a hair friendly towel or t-shirt.

Depending on the type of hair dryer utilized, the diffuser attachment can be operated at a Low, Medium or High speed and a Low, Medium or High Heat. Apply leave-in conditioning cocktail consisting of your favorite leave-in conditioner, mousse or other styling products. The Deva Fuser does a very nice job on roots, and gives lots of lift. After hair is cleansed with Conditioner Only (CO), with a Low Poo Formula (Lo Po) or with Water Only (WO) the hair is rinsed with lukewarm water.

Sometimes the hairdryer will have a cool, warm or hot setting. Diffusing, especially if done strategically, will provide lots of great root volume. It takes longer to dry hair then with a regular blow dryer. When hair is not diffused properly it may increase the risk of frizz. Holding the diffuser close to the head can cause arm and hand fatique. Cleanse hair, apply a rinse-out conditioner and finish with a cool/cold shot of water. Possibly because of the power of my dryer, I don't find it does as good a job on the rest of my hair, which is ridiculously fine, and tends to blow every which way in the strong airflow if I try to use it like a regular diffuser. I use it and also still use my traditional bowel diffuser too. It's great to use after plopping but before clipping on the roots. You can't take it all the way to the scalp nor can you easily scrunch hair. All excess water is gently squeezed out with fingertips so that hair is not soaking wet. The hair is then detangled with a wide tooth hair friendly comb or fingers to remove all snarls and tangle.Make sure to distribute throughout the entire head.Be sure to detangle completely before diffusing to prevent unnecessary frizz. When you desire curlier hair, scrunch hair with gel while wet, and use the diffuser to dry while scrunching. The Role-Ending Misdemeanor occurs when, due to objectionable behavior or even outright criminal misconduct in the personal life of a performer or creator (and despite the trope name, some of these role enders are straight-up felonies), he or she is fired in order to protect a project's reputation, or in the case of an independent performer or creator, forced to leave the public scene because of the damage to his or her image.This could be an isolated incident and the result of bad luck, or the latest string of being difficult because the rest of the cast and crew simply would not put up with him or her any longer.The longer the hair, the more weight will impact the formation of curls, kinks and waves.

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