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Handley was waiting.'The two men were never able to deliver her to Handley though because they attracted the attention of police by driving on the shoulder of the road to get around traffic.

The two men fled on foot when the car became stuck in mud and the unidentified wife was rescued from the back of the car, where she was found bound.

Handley co-founded Townsend, a Louisiana network for substance abuse treatment centers.

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In a fatal turn, the two kidnappers drowned in the Instracoastal Canal while trying to flee from police and their bodies were recovered the next day.

Handley is now being held on $266,000 bail for charges of conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping, online impersonation, and violating protective orders.

She says her husband hired two kidnappers, 27-year-olds Sylvester Bracey and Arsenio Montreal Haynes, and supplied them with the 'items necessary to kidnap, bind, torture and abuse' her and that he chartered an airplane 'to evade capture for his crimes'.

On August 6, they kidnapped the woman from the couple's home in Lafayette, Louisiana. The wife says that the kidnappers handcuffed the other two and then kidnapped her at gunpoint, putting a bag over her head.

The plan was allegedly for the two men to bring Handley's ex-wife to him, at an undisclosed location.

The wife says the two men 'stripped, tortured and abused' her and threatened to rape and murder while 'in route to their destination where Mr.

En , Leighton a déclaré qu'elle a travaillé avec un groupe appelé Check in the Dark et que ces six derniers mois, elle a écrit des chansons étant inspirée depuis le tournage du film Country Strong : "Je me suis juste amusée et j'y ai mis tout mon cœur". Par la suite, elle collabore avec la marque de joaillerie Bulgari pour le lancement de leur bague "Save The Children" dont les bénéfices de la vente iront à programme d'éducation pour les enfants défavorisés à travers le monde.

A millionaire businessman orchestrated the kidnapping of his estranged wife in the midst of a months-long divorce battle, new court filings detail.

He has a previous criminal record including a 2005 guilty conviction for fraud.

The conviction stemmed from an incident in which he hired a private jet using a fake cashier's check worth ,000.

En 2005, Leighton a eu un rôle régulier, celui de Savannah Bennet dans la série Surface.

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