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This causes a degree of difficulty for me because I often feel ostracized. (this is my first experience dating someone from Senegal).

I do a lot to try to learn about the culture by reading what I find online (in addition to the wealth of information he has given me), but that still does not give me a true feel for many of the things in a culture that only the women can truly relay.

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I work as a waitress in a local restaurant in a nearby tourist center. I love to spend my time with my friends and family during I am gambien men, I grow up in seira Leone, I attend school their up to gread 9 from their I stop because of the wood, I came back to Gambia in I begins doing agriculture jobs up to now, during the woor I lost my Am matiko simple going person I like meeting new ppl but I am here to meet up with my soul mate someone that can steal my heart away true love always come at the right time I place myself to be slime sexy with ai am from the Gambia west Africa. I am a co-founder of Nelson Mandela Clinical service for Africa charitable organization.

I interested in work and making friends, running, music, innovation and sports.

It's just not productive to make snapshot judgements about a persons relationship based on a couple of paragraphs. I am in a happy relationship right now and would love to chat with others who are happy as well.

All relationships have ups and downs, but there seems to be some negative undertones on this site. Hi Spoiled 1 I really enjoyed our chat this evening.

We had a little disagreement earlier in the week, but nothing serious just things people in relationships go through.

I saw on the other site that you have a new friend.

You are right about the negative undertones, but the thing I try to keep sight of is people usually don't go hunting for answers on the internet when everything is going well.

It's the discomfort of a bad situation that tends to trigger action.

And because I don't know any Senegalese women there is no one for me to ask.

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