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“My worst fear is some type of sex-worker-shaming-meets--style slander/shock videos popping up.”For their part, police don’t seem happy about the public distribution of body camera footage.

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The video was put on You Tube in November after it was released through a public records request.

It was uploaded by a user with the handle “Police Video Requests” and more than 85,000 total views.

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Late last year, according to , the Flint, Michigan, police department warned that it would publish to Facebook the photo of anyone suspected of selling or buying sex, regardless of whether they were convicted.“I can’t help but wonder what would have been done with the footage had such a camera been rolling at the time of my arrest,” says Maggie Mc Neill, who was caught in a sex work sting in 2005. “The potential for shaming is staggering, especially given that sex workers are very often nude or nearly so when the police spring the trap—I was.”Mc Neill, who retired from sex work eight years ago, was naked and giving an undercover cop a body massage when a team of more than a dozen officers barged into the room to arrest her.

“It’s well-known among sex workers that cops get off on stings, even when they don’t actually rape or sexually assault the victim,” she says.“It’s one of the reasons stings so often employ such huge mobs of cops—15 in my case—when two or three would do.” Mc Neill argues, “The mentality in play is like a low-level version of a gang rape, a group of thugs bonding over sexual humiliation of a woman.”Given her experience, she believes that body-cam footage will be misused.“I have absolutely no doubt that particularly juicy video clips will end up in cops’ private collections to be traded between them, even if some authority decides that such clips will not be publicly released,” she says. One suggestion, from Maxine Doogan of the Erotic Service Providers Union, is to limit police ability to edit their footage.She adds, “As long as the cops have the power to turn the cameras off or decide whether footage is released, it’s difficult to see what is to be accomplished here.” Ray agrees, saying she hasn’t heard of any cases of body cameras being used to support statements made by someone arrested for prostitution.Put the body cameras on sex workers, they say, and it might be a different story.Coverage also may not “unduly distract participants or impair the dignity of the proceedings.”Rule 14 technically permits coverage of civil and criminal appellate proceedings.

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