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But before you get too excited, not everyone thinks it works... Your baby’s nub is its genital tube, a penis-like stump between their legs where their genitals will eventually develop. Mums chatting on our forums are interested in all those theories that claim to predict the sex of your baby before 20 weeks (and, let's face it there are plenty of them) but whether or not this one works...that's the question. To see the nub your baby needs to be lying on their side, not curled up and they need to be as flat as possible.

To the untrained eye all nubs look pretty much the same but some experts say that it's possible to tell the difference between the two sexes. Is the nub theory an accurate way of predicting my baby’s sex? What's more, there’s no solid scientific research into whether or not the nub theory actually works, and that’s because most medics claim it’s just too early to accurately predict a baby’s sex at 12 weeks.

I found them invaluable." Emma "I met a lot of my mum friends at a Nappucino meeting.

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We all became firm friends because we supported each other through what was a pretty difficult time." Oona "I went to my Health Visitor Postnatal Group every fortnight until my baby could crawl.

Once your baby is mobile that's the end of it, but it was a great way to forge friendships with other mums in those early days.

We leave the children with the storyteller, while us mums go into another area of the library and have tea and biscuits.

I met a lot of my mum friends this way and it's a great chance to have a gossip." Lynda "I was really struggling with breastfeeding so I asked my health visitor to put me in touch with other mums in the same situation.

According to the nub theory it's TOTALLY possible to predict your baby's sex at the 12-week scan.

The idea, known as the ‘angle of the dangle’, suggests that you cantell what sex of baby you’re having at your first ultrasound. Wait until your 20-week anomaly scan to find out the sex of your baby you'll need to have a word with him (or her) first because if she (or he) does an impression of a wiggly worm at the scan, there's no chance of working it out.

During the early days with your newborn, it’s normal to feel quite isolated. The thought of being sociable and making new friends can seem impossible.

Don't worry, the great thing about meeting other new mums is that they know just how you feel.

I'm sure otherwise I would have gone a bit stir-crazy at home with a newborn all day, every day." Dushinka "Check to see if you live in a Sure Start area.

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