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Gay pride marches in New York City, San Francisco and in between this weekend will have plenty of participants — and also protests directed at them from other members of the LGBTQ community, speaking out against what they see as increasingly corporate pride celebrations that prioritize the experiences of gay white men and ignore the issues continuing to face black and brown LGBTQ people.The protests disrupted other pride events earlier this month — in Washington, D.

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We've picked five towns near NYC perfect for a leaf-peeping party.

In his testimony, Mr Yanez said he “didn't want to shoot Mr.

In New York City, the march organizers are putting a contingent of groups more focused on protest than celebration at the head of the event.

To hear the Gray Lady tell it, we're all a bunch of shot-and-a-beer drinking hipsters who cluster around Uptown to sleep with our friends' exes in a desperate attempt to secure companionship before the inevitable nine-month winter snow-in."You want to fall in love in winter," said Hayley Lindma, a 23-year-old artist who was with three friends at Mort's, as everyone calls it, surrounded by dartboards, Big Buck Hunter games and a jukebox.

When it's cold, she said, "You want to stay home and cuddle and watch movies and eat food and be with your pets."While their counterparts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles are defined (and derided) for their blasé pose, their Twin Cities brothers and sisters, while blessed with the same clunky glasses, working-class-chic attire and fixed-gear bikes, retain the openness and generosity of the region.

He and some friends were planning to move on to their next destination: the CC Club, a spot on South Lyndale that was recently the subject of a cover article in City Pages, a weekly newspaper, about its long, boozy history in the city's music scene.

The recent flare-up of racial tensions comes as no surprise to Isaiah Wilson, director of external affairs for the National Black Justice Coalition, one of the few national groups focused specially on black LGBTQ rights.

He said the broader LGBTQ-rights movement "has been whitewashed" — dominated to a large extent by white gay men."Black queer and trans folks have always been there, but our contributions have been devalued," Wilson said.

Central Park has a pretty impressive showing of autumn leaves, but you'll need to venture outside the city to have a proper frolic in a sea of red, gold, and yellow.

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