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“Women need to be mindful that when they’re looking, there could be double-edged sword involved.

Stacy Hopkins, 28, of Cordova, Tennesse is charged with two counts of statutory rape by an authority figure and two counts of soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor.

She allegedly had sex with two under-age students and sent them nude pictures of herself.

Though that may be true for some, money for personal gain isn’t always women’s primary motivation.

Mc Kean compares seeking a mate to the survival of the fittest concept in nature, suggesting that a woman considers if that man will be able to provide for her and their family, so they can thrive.

“Power is defined in wide, broad strokes as a man who can create a better lifestyle than the one I can create on my own.” Let’s address the obvious.

The sweeping generalization is that women are attracted to these men because they see dollar signs only.The students were aged 16 and 17 at the time, though the older student is said to be 18 now.The two boys allegedly admitted to sexual relationships with Hopkins to the police, as did Hopkins, according to the Appeal.The teacher is currently suspended without pay and is out on ,000 bail.According to the website of Hopkins' employer, Arlington High School of Shelby County, Tennessee, she had worked as a 'wellness' - or physical education - teacher for a salary of ,000.The saying goes that “art imitates life,” and these fictitious characters copy countless love stories and scandals between women and prestigious men.

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