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Alcohol, drugs, peer group pressure, consent on a previous occasion, or ignorance of University policy will not serve as justification for such actions.The Residential Life staff provides information sessions open to all students on the subject of sexual assault and safety.

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In the event of sexual assault or rape, students should seek the support and assistance of another person immediately.

The University provides a number of resource people including the Student Support Services Counselors, the Residence Life Staff, and the Associate Dean of Student Life and Development, all of whom are aware of the need for sensitivity and confidentiality.

Imposed sanctions can include such action as suspension or expulsion from the University.

Both the accused and the accuser will be notified of the outcome of disciplinary actions in relation to sexual assault.

All reasonable living and academic arrangements will be made to protect those involved in a sexual assault case.

Complaints against University faculty or staff will be handled by the Equal Opportunity Officer.All campus crimes and security violations are reported to the Associate Dean of Student Life and Development.Information and statistics for the report are compiled in the Office of Student Affairs with the help of written reporting mechanisms from campus departments & personnel.Students may also use the Sexual Assault Helpline by calling 1-800-432-7805.Victims of rape should seek treatment at the Northern Maine Medical Center emergency room.These presentations are provided in conjunction with local health care agencies and social service organizations.

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