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720 ILCS 5/Criminal Code of 1961 Consent is informed, freely given, and mutual.

If coercion, intimidation, threats, or physical force are used, there is no consent.

Augustana College prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in employment as well as in its education programs and activities, consistent with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 ("Title IX"), and other applicable state and federal laws.

It is the policy of the College to provide a work and educational environment free of all forms of sex discrimination, including but not limited to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct or communications constituting sexual harassment, as defined in this Policy and as otherwise prohibited by state and federal statutes.

Examples of sexual harassment may include: Conversations or actions that are sexual in nature but part of a legitimate academic exchange of ideas or artistic performance may not constitute violations of this Policy.

In determining whether alleged conduct constitutes sexual harassment, the College will consider the totality of the facts and circumstances of the incident, including the nature of the alleged conduct and the context in which it occurred.

Augustana College affirms its commitment to promote sexual respect and maintain an environment free of sex discrimination.

Sex discrimination includes acts of sexual misconduct described below, and these acts of sexual misconduct are prohibited by Augustana College.Acts of sexual misconduct, such as sexual assault and sexual violence, are also a form of sex discrimination and prohibited by Augustana College as well as state and federal laws.Scope of This Policy The College’s prohibition against discrimination on the basis of sex applies to all students, faculty, administration and staff, to other members of the College community, and to contractors, consultants, and vendors doing business or providing services to the College.Interpersonal relationships and interactions, especially those of an intimate nature, should be grounded upon mutual respect, open communication and clear consent.In order to foster respect for all members of our community, Augustana will not tolerate acts of sex discrimination.Laura and her Human Resources staff will handle complaints of staff and administrative employee violations of Title IX, and will be responsible for ensuring all members of the community receive information regarding the College’s prohibition of sex discrimination, the process for addressing concerns of sex discrimination, and education regarding the forms of sex discrimination.

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