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FRCs offer parenting programs, support groups, referral resources, assessment services, early childhood services and educational programs for families whose children range from birth to 18 years old.

FRCs also have specific services for families with children who may be frequently absent or have serious problems at school, have serious problems at home, have run away form home, or are being exploited.

Open to all, providing beds, furniture, and household goods to people in need.

(Clients must be referred through social service agency or religious organization.) Open to all, any low income-male, female, adults, children, family, elderly, disabled, immigrants etc. Open to residents of Lynn, Salem, and Beverly, including refugees, low-income, citizenship services, health educational programs, summer youth programs, case advocacy and referral, social support services for refugees.

Teen Parent/Pregnant Support, Parent Child Home Program, Etc. Also serving the Teen Parents at all Lynn High Schools and Jr. Services for sexual assault survivors ages 14 and older, and services for their significant others.

We offer a 24-hour hotline, in person counseling, support groups, accompaniment to hospital emergency departments and police departments & assistance with obtaining protective orders.

Lynn Housing Authority Affordable Housing Associates Bridgewell Coordinated Family & Community Engag.

Inn Transition Family Sober Living Program Lynn Community Connections Coalition Lynn Economic Opportunity, Inc.

Also provide education, outreach, and prevention service.

Offered to 27 municipalities in Essex County, offered to all 14 and older, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation etc.

Services include nurturing parenting program as well as connecting families to an array of services. Dept of Transitional Assistanc Centerboard Lynn Family Forward Resource Center Lynn Shelter Association (LSA) provides shelter and support services to homeless individuals and families in the Greater Lynn area, fostering their self-sufficiency and a return to an independent life.

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