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I wanted to know more (more apparently than the heaps of information already available to me?

), so I reached out to a handful of participants for an update.

It would be an homage to all the unique ways queer women have marked themselves and dog-whistled each other throughout the decades, the witch bitch switches and the techno hippie hyperdykes from the queer classifieds of the 80s, only this time it’d be instant and without the anonymity.

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Then when you’re hanging up you almost say “love you” because mostly you talk to your family on the phone and it’s a fast twitch muscle memory.

You catch it before it comes out, but in stopping yourself so abruptly something like, “Eep” came out in the process, so then you round it out with solid, unforgiving “goodbye.” All this at what cost! Now the internet simplifies this process into the press of a button.

It’s been something else watching the DMs roll out in real time as comments and seeing people @ing their friends to come get their people.

For every hundred likes each post has gotten there have been a thousand more views, and for some idea of the scope of this experiment, the other day Ilana Glazier liked someone’s personal.

In particular I was interested in what motivated them to submit and how it’s been since their personal went up. @babyegirl: “I love the idea of an old school style personal ad and I think I actually got a pretty good response.

Most people don’t directly message and instead like a bunch of your pictures, which is kind of strange and passive but I did find a cool girl I’m now texting who lives nearby in New Orleans.” [editors note: @babyegirl would like me to let people know she’s still single wiiiink.] “The reason for posting was to just take part and have something to look back at 20 years later. This summer I went through a couple of break ups that left me a bit wounded.

The comments on the post are the most special part of the whole experience to me. By far the most exciting thing that has happened is that after my ad was posted another ad was posted.

The way I present myself can often be so isolating in this community.. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in our ads.

The responses were all so nice and I didn’t get a date out of the personal ad but I get some new people to follow, plus a pen pal and point of contact in San Fransisco.”“I submitted mostly because I loved that they were bringing back the idea from On Our Backs and other old school methods for lesbian/queer community. I’ve had responses from literally all over the world, and even a few locally.

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