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The Avios points are a virtual currency that can go towards a flight or Eurostar trip, as well as some other package holidays.Providers Amex, Lloyds and TSB, as well as Tesco Clubcard, the supermarket loyalty scheme, currently run points-savings schemes.

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They collect the points in an Avios account, which is held separately from the credit card.

When to buy air miles (in green) Peak-pricing is a boost to holidaymakers who can travel at any point in the year, such as Alanah Graviles and Toby Green, a couple in their thirties living in London, pictured above.

Mr Bailey said you should “expect to be flexible” although it is still possible to save money on flights booked during the school holidays. Currently adults must pay £13 in air passenger duty to fly to a European destination via economy class and up to £97 per person on long-haul flights, such as to Australia or Singapore.

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“But I found that if we changed the dates – just slightly – we could move from peak to off-peak times, so we would end up using fewer miles than if we had made the booking before the rule-change.” Manipulating off-peak dates isn’t the only trick to getting maximum reward.

The Baileys’ most recent trip to Johannesburg last year – using flights that normally sell for £14,500 – cost just £1,800 for a year’s saving on air miles credit cards.

Customers now need 17,500 extra points to fly during peak-time to Sydney, for example, one of the costliest destinations.

It costs 50,000 points to travel peak and 32,500 off-peak, roughly equating to an additional credit card spend of £17,500. Fly from London to Madrid, and customers will need 1,000 more points (roughly £1,000 of spending) to fly during peak periods.

They exploited introductory offers to amass 200,000 points, which will pay for flights but not taxes and other charges, such as credit card fees.

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