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They board an armored truck, piloted by a brute named ' Bulk' played by Lyle Alzado (who died a year after at age 43).

Naturally they encounter numerous obstacles on their path to salvation.

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(34) A sponge diver (Lon Chaney Jr., as his earlier name Creighton Chaney) hopes to make enough money to buy his own boat and marry his girlfriend. See Lon with a meaty role when he was still in his twenties! Cool creaky old flick, despite the tiny propaganda slant…. The Baby Faced Butcher That Lined ' Em Up- Chopped ' Em Down and Terrorized a Nation! A young girl living on an island loses her parents to a voodoo sacrifice!

BAA family heads to an old Scottish castle for the reading of a will. Robert Newton, James Mason, Deborah Kerr, Emlyn Williams, Henry Oscar and Enid Stamp-Taylor BA(38) Agadez is a lonely French outpost baking under the desert sun and commanded by the cruel and oppressive Captain Savatt. Dark mood, kind of like ' I Walked with a Zombie' except way earlier. BA(52) Sach discovers that he is heir to a farm in rural hillbilly country.

(70) Two episodes from the forgotten short-lived British thriller show! Next episode is called Ride, Ride and stars Susan George. BA- Ernie's Uncle Gabriel has just died but to claim his inheritance he must spend the night in his ancestral home with the rest of his relatives.

- Fun filled British exploitation sex-scare film that has nice looking girls in sexual situations.... With Shirley Eaton, Donald Pleasence, Dennis Price, Michael Gough. BA(36) United Airlines pilot Fred Macmurray is looking and chasing after a blonde with a secret (Joan Bennett), partly to win a bet he made partly because he has the hots for her....

A little like "The Warriors" this is the coolest Japanese biker flick ever and with English subtitles.

BA- A German Jewish doctor, who is a former resistance fighter against the Nazis during the war, discovers that many of his compatriots are being murdered.

Survivors find a hidden fortress hidden in the mountains, where an old man and a sexy woman rule the people gathered there. One whiz-kid designs toy robots/booby traps to fight the evil bastards. BAIf you are a Mario Bava fan, don't miss this last film he directed (co-directed with son Lamberto)!

Shootings, stabbings, nudity, impalings, beatings and more.... You will see Bava's prints all over this if you are familiar with his work. When the leader of the once-notorious biker gang of Tokyo falls in love with a barmaid and quickly loses his rebellious ideals, the rest of the gang feels betrayed.

With Michael Ironside and drug-slut-actress turned holy roller ' Vanity'! Freedom fighter has himself sent to a ' Prison Planet' so he can find the spiritual leader of the resistance! A deadly virus has wiped out most of the population of the United States.

He is sidetracked by a slave girl, a warlord/slave trader and more. " BASet in a future world after global catastrophe, people struggle to survive and also must fight against mad biker guys, mutants and the whole apocalyptic works. Mutant gangs terrorize and victimize the few survivors.

Ample-bosomed teenage comedy with the works : bikinis, parties, a nerd, a fatso. In flash-back we learn that after a nuclear catastrophe, these two were living in an artificial paradise.

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