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Keep up with this story and more "Every retailer has a different line on what will be acceptable—and that line can move," says Winning."For us it was also about getting them past the name.Her career in the adult-entertainment industry began while she was in her sophomore year of nursing school, ...

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Ann, a 40-year-old mother of two from Phoenix, Ariz.

(who declined to give her full name), says drugstore-purchased lubricants rescued her sex life after her first child was born.

After all, the megaretailer won't even carry Hustler's explicit publications. As of this month, Wal-Mart will be selling Wet, a sexual lubricant that has been a staple for more than a decade at Hustler's adult product boutiques.

If you haven't heard of Wet or its cousins, like Astroglide, you probably haven't been exploring the "sexual health" section of your local drugstore lately.

"I'm not sure if my second child would exist if it were not for this stuff," she says, only half joking.

Not everyone is happy about this quiet sexual revolution. Inc., manufacturer of Trojan condoms, introduced Elexa, a condom marketed to women with a vibrating ring.Leading chains, like CVS, say they have more than quadrupled the shelf space they devote to the category in the last five years.But despite the apparent consumer demand, retailers aren't particularly eager to discuss the personal massagers or other sexual health products they offer.Of all the branches of sex work available porn is the safest, so it's legal to make and we have an excellent testing program in place.Said in an interview that she chose the name "Nina" because it was easy for Japanese tourists to say during the time she was a dancer in San Francisco.Lubricants are also popular among women who are nursing, postpartum, or have had chemotherapy—all conditions that can make intercourse painful.

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