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SITUATION: Phones on a Dinner Date RULE: Whether you're texting a friend or replying to your boss' email, one thing's clear: Make it quick.Nobody wants to sit there playing with their soup while the other's tweeting at Ashton Kutcher.Yes, some couples seem to be fine with using a mutual Facebook account (that's weird, people) or, less harmlessly, the same computer with all its cookies and search histories.

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Follow these, and we'll all get along just fine.1.

SITUATION: Exchanging Passwords RULE: Bad idea, period.

Romantic, uninterrupted dates over a candle and a plate of spaghetti are history. To find out, The Daily Beast's Claire Howorth and Brian Ries spoke with people in various stages of relationships about the sensibility of sharing passwords, the importance of the Facebook relationship status, and the ignorance of checking the phone after sex.

Every man and woman in a modern relationship must navigate a complicated set of unspoken rules and etiquette for technology. In our list, we present 12 common situations where technology has wormed its way into our lives, introduce the rules we should live by, and get the scoop from both sexes.

He doesn't need to see my gynecologist appointments."4.

SITUATION: Gchat Status RULE: Busy, Available, Invisible—use caution!

GUYS SAY: "It makes my blood curdle to think about some chick writing about me on a blog."GIRLS SAY: "I think everyone has heard stories about sad, miserable, melodramatic, really publicly blogged-about relationships, which wouldn't seem so bad if [the details] didn't live on in perpetuity.

Can you imagine your kids growing up and Googling you, to discover some old failure of a boyfriend you hardly remember? SITUATION: Browsing the Web While Watching TVRULE: Don't pull up Facebook while you're watching TV together.

If he's checking the score of the game after we've had sex, I get pissed!

He's also not allowed to call his parents, sister, or any family member for at least 20 minutes, and he has to be fully clothed."9.

GUYS SAY: "If she's texting at the table, and it goes on for more than 30 seconds, I'm going make a comment about it, like, ' What are you doing?

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