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The video, shot in Port of Spain, Trinidad last Thursday hit the internet the next day and garnered national headlines.

The girl’s father, is now speaking out on the incident, saying his daughter Deena, was taken advantage of at the show which took place at Zen Nightclub.

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Given that there’s little disputing the veracity or import of the webcam footage, the father’s attorney, Mathieu Montfort, has instead tried to downplay the frequency of such attacks: “There was a period when he was unemployed and in the middle of a divorce,” he was quoted as saying.

“He insists that these acts did not stretch back further than three or four months. But everyone should be very careful in what they say.”Monfort also noted that his client said he “took no pleasure” in abusing his daughter and was “just messing around.” If his daughter hadn’t been able to bank on his ignorance of Web technology to outsmart him, odds are he’d still be messing around today.

The school personnel responded swiftly, and we are continuing to work with the Warren Police Department and related law enforcement authorities." "When he goes to prison, and I hope he goes to prison for life, because he deserves life for what he did to her, to this 14-year-old victim," Dwyer said. In addition to the three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, he also faces one count of unlawful imprisonment.

Dwyer said it's possible Tolbert has attacked someone before, and he's asking anyone who knows about any previous attacks to call his department at 586-574-4800.

Now she’s in a women’s shelter, and he’s awaiting trial in Béziers prison.

Investigators are still trying to gauge the mother’s complicity, though she appears to have been a victim as well.

A lack of so-called hard evidence has been known to unravel even a strong sexual assault case, but that shouldn’t be a problem for a 14-year-old French girl who thought to secretly film one of her allegedly abusive father’s attacks with a bedroom webcam.

Even after the victim had initially come forward, spilling details of the relationship with her father to a counselor at her school in Florensac, a small town in the southern Hérault region, police could not arrest him until she delivered video proof of her allegations.

Van Dyke Schools Superintendent Piper Bognar released a statement, saying: "We are horrified and saddened by this situation ...

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