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The character of John Cena is copyrighted and owned by the WWE. If you'd like to support me and future games, please check out my other games!

Korzystaj z naszych forów, aby dyskutować o najnowszych wiadomościach, cenach lub społecznościach.

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Thus far, however, there has not been a sexy rule book for 5th edition. The Erotic Adventures book will feature the sexual attraction system, fetish rules, new spells, new items, new feats, new races, new monsters, new gods, and a new specialty for each class in the Player's Handbook.

Play a barbarian maenad and use sex to recharge your rage.

I think the specific mention of Dungeons and Dragons on the Kickstarter page could be a gray area (as it does not itself use or reference the OGL).

The OGL on its own definitely does not allow them to mention Dungeons and Dragons in the product itself.

Likewise, further contributions will contribute to the forthcoming Android app, so that's not nothing! Honestly, my hopes are not high for the quality of this project.

The whole attitude of this KS seems rather juvenile.

Play a rogue paramour and manipulate others using seduction. The goal is 1000 dollars, but, for each additional 100 dollars I raise, I will add a picture to the book.

Cast a spell to enlarge your breasts, or gain an additional penis. If we reach 2000 dollars, I will make an android app based on the book and put it for sale on Slide Me.

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