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Generally folks towing trailers are more cautious, especially towing horses. Fast, smooth and safer than any brake system we've tried.But in cities traffic backs up and even when you try to leave proper stopping distance in front of you, cars will just fill in the gap. On my last trip from Denver to Oklahoma, on I-25 during rush hour, there was of course an accident, the cars in front of me slammed on their brakes. We took our test trailer to the race track, smoked the brakes, burnt the seals and proved how dramatically superior hydraulic disc rotors, electric-hydraulic actuators, ABS modules and a trailer brake controller that networks with your trucks computer can be.Transwest Truck Trailer RV of Frederick, Colo., has announced it is expanding its full line of recreational vehicles to the product offerings at a second Transwest location in Fountain, Colo. And for 2013, Ford ups the ante with their most luxurious model Super Duty yet, the Platinum.

The male end has two silicone o-rings, the cables have sealant injected inside, all to make the system water proof.

If you can keep the water out, you can keep the mud and all the corrosive chemicals used to dissolve ice on the highway out.

Push button start, you can keep the key in your pocket.

Fun to drive, who wants to make payments on a vehicle that is boring. Featherlite Trailers is one of the few companies that started the aluminum horse trailer craze that's still strong today. If Featherlite didn't change the graphics from time to time, you wouldn't know a 20 year old trailer from a one year old trailer.

Batteries keep us rolling and give us conveniences in our trucks and trailers.

But if you dont maintain them, youll be stranded and surprised.It's important to have the facts on trailers even if you grew up towing.I think I own all the trailer books written the last two decades, which isn't very many.With 4 batteries between your truck and trailer, proper maintenance is as important as checking our trucks oil level.There's new technology that can do most of the work for you.Its no secret that each manufacturer has its own way of testing the maximum towing capacity of its pickup trucks; the gamesmanship over the years is well-documented.

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