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For many families, video games are a part of everyday life.

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But in most cases, you can set a password to restrict those purchases.

To find out about a game system’s parental control options, look it up in the ESRB resource section, or check with the manufacturer.

Some systems that offer online gaming also give parents the ability to approve friend requests or create approved lists of friends their kids can play with or talk to.

Time Limits: Some game systems let you set days and times your kids can play, and for how long.

Profiles: Some systems let you create multiple profiles with different settings for each.

So while your password-protected profile might allow you to play any game, your nine-year-old’s profile might be limited to games rated E for Everyone.Any attention they got was because of this viral campaign, featuring two girls: one blonde, one brunette. I predict that Sexy Hiking will be (is) a polarizing game.But we can't just give you videos of hot chicks, you need to learn something. The commercial achieves memorability, though, because of the hilarious line "sponge vs. This particular game features "Xtreme" beach volleyball.Included are descriptions of how relevant the hot chicks are to the actual games... Sure, we've seen plenty of these commercials for Guitar Hero World Tour, but this one with Heidi Klum really takes the cake. The commercial features the hot girls (exactly the reason ANYBODY buys/rents the game, therefore making this commercial VERY apt) playing volleyball, getting ready to play it and a very pervy camera panning around their bodies.The Playboy bunnies actually did one and Taylor Swift was even in one, but the Playboy bunnies had too many cooks in the kitchen for their commercial and Taylor Swift ain't shaped like a woman like Heidi Klum is (just turned 37 this week)! These are digital chicks (which makes this kind of a weird addition), but please write in the comments ANY other reason people buy these games.

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